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Millions of kids around the world need long-lasting shoes to stay healthy, happy, and in school. For every $15 you raise, another child will get their own pair of shoes!

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If you prefer, we’ll send the shoes directly to kids we know are in need.

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We our fundraisers! Here are just a few:

Lori Miller

Raising $1500 for Operation Christmas Child

I am very passionate about Operation Christmas Child. A simple shoebox can change a child’s life, and adding the Shoe that Grows to that box can make an even bigger impact. I would LOVE to put 100 pairs of these shoes in Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes this year!

View Lori’s fundraising page

Who is Hussain?

Raising $15000 for the Anti-Jiggers Campaign in Kenya

Who is Hussain? aims to assist in the eradication of jiggers in Kenya by creating awareness both locally and internationally and assist in the prevention of jiggers by distributing shoes to those at risk.

View Who is Hussain’s fundraising page

Robin Shanklin

Raising $800 for kids in Guatemala

Please consider giving one, two, or more pairs. These kids are coming down the mountains to go to church without any shoes. I just want to do what I can to help them! Thank you for being willing to donate!

View Robin’s fundraising page

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